What is Skillquity?

Skillquity is an opportunity; it is a rung on the ladder to your success. Skillquity has been created to provide a common technological platform for business owners and skilled professionals to create a symbiotic relationship that would benefit all.

We, at Skillquity, know how difficult it is for startups to raise money. That is why we came up with the idea of trading skills for equity. A professional trades his/her skills for equity in a startup. This translates to long term investment and part ownership!

How Does Skillquity Work?

Have a great idea? Want to take your startup to the next level? Getting the right resources driving you up the wall? Skillquity’s the answer you’re looking for!

With Skillquity, you need not bother cash, as you will trade your equity for competent services. Get any resource you want - a co-founder, a growth-hacker, a programmer, a lawyer, an SEO expert, an accountant. You name it; you can find them on Skillquity!

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